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ACTRA Manitoba represents the interests of over 700 Full, Apprentice and Additional Background members. It is one of the nine branches of ACTRA, Canada’s national union of over 28,000 professional performers working in English-language recorded media.


President's Message

As we wind down the year at ACTRA, I can't help but remark that my first full year as your President has seemingly flown by. Yet so much has happened that it's kind of a large task trying to sum it all up! 2022 started off very challenging. we were isolating again with our third wave of COVID, and it was a hard, cold winter. I definitely felt the SAD throughout February and March. But productions carried on, such as the popular Violent Night (in theatres now!), King of Killers, Little Bird, and Acting Good, just to name a couple of the MANY films and TV shows that shot early in the year. On behalf of the staff and council at ACTRA Manitoba, we wish you a joyful holiday season, and a happy new year.

2022 ACTRA Awards in Manitoba Gala

The ACTRA Manitoba Awards recognize the accomplishments of ACTRA Manitoba’s talented performers and celebrate Manitoba’s vibrant film industry. The 6th ACTRA Manitoba Awards Gala was held on Saturday, October 22nd in the magnificent Bonnie and John Buhler Hall at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. Aleks Paunovic returned to his hometown to co-host the ceremony with local firecracker, Joanne Rodriguez!

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What’s shooting in Manitoba

Manitoba’s talented performers and crew, as well as a strong Film and Television Tax Credit, make it an ideal location for film, television and digital media production.

ACTRA Magazine: Winter 2023

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