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ACTRA Manitoba represents the interests of over 700 Full, Apprentice and Additional Background members. It is one of the nine branches of ACTRA, Canada’s national union of over 27,000 professional performers working in English-language recorded media.


COVID-19 Updates

ACTRA Manitoba will be updating this page with information related to the COVID-19 health crisis as it becomes available.

What’s shooting in Manitoba

Manitoba’s talented performers and crew, as well as a strong Film and Television Tax Credit, make it an ideal location for film, television and digital media production.

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President's Message

We were fortunate to get through 2020 with a significant amount of filming and almost no appearances from the dreaded COVID in our filmmaking workspaces. I know we are all anxious to see what the future brings in regards to our work, play and home lives. Only time will tell where the industry is headed in the near future, but we will keep our members informed.

ACTRA Magazine: Fall 2020

Enjoy the Fall 2020 edition of ACTRA Magazine… Catch up on the latest ACTRA news, stories, accolades and advice from around your union!