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The Winnipeg Actors Academy is proud to be an innovative acting school that offers a new approach to classic techniques, for students both young and young at heart. We're committed to providing students with incredible learning opportunities through training, classes and special events never before offered in Winnipeg, and connecting with casting directors from across North America, hosted at reputable locations throughout the city of Winnipeg.

For the acting veteran, you’ll receive specific technical training based off of legendary theatre practitioners and improve your ability in developing a character, connecting with your body and bringing characters to life in a more authentic way. If you’re new to acting, you’ll be immersed in a brand new world of creativity, freedom and personal expression and discover the joys of improv, the stage and making choices.

In addition, The Winnipeg Actors Academy also offers services such as self-tapes and voice-over recordings.

Visit our website or send us an E-mail.

Expressions Film Studio is a locally owned and operated professional film acting school for children and teens. Our classes are structured to teach the fundamentals of acting. This includes auditioning, scene work, set etiquette, and improvisation. In addition to these skill sets, the classes are also geared to inspire creativity, promote confidence, develop a sense of self, and improve team building skills.

Designed for beginning actors as well as those with experience, The Acting Studio Winnipeg is a safe and nurturing learning environment providing aspiring and developing adult actors with training in ACTING FOR CAMERA techniques and ON-SET like experience which promote the creation of stronger on-screen performances. It is also a great place for experienced performers to come and hone their chops.

The Acting Studio is recognized by past and current students as one of the top acting workshops in Winnipeg. Classes are run on a month to month basis on Monday and Tuesday evenings from approx. 7-10pm. Both classes are led by local actor and ACTRA member, Darcy Fehr.

For more information about the classes, visit our website or E-mail Darcy. (Cost for ACTRA members is $160 per month.)

ACTING ON CAMERA: Practical training for professional actors.

WINTER SESSION 2 – Starts March 02, 2020

Increase your confidence and free your creativity while enhancing your understanding of the technical and creative aspects of acting for the camera. In collaboration with veteran screen actor, John B. Lowe, you will exercise your acting skills and develop your technique through scene-work shot on camera. This challenging workshop will provide you with effective tools to craft Active Connected & Truthful performances for film & TV.

Celebrating 11 years of providing trained actors to the Manitoba Film/TV and theatre communities!

ATCMB is a place. A studio. An environment. A series of on-going actor training programs designed to make you a better actor. Like every serious athlete must train, so too, must actors. Actors who train become better actors. It’s just that simple. By enrolling in one of ATCMB’s on-going training programs, you’ll not only become better at what you do – you’ll dramatically increase your chances of working as an actor.

Check out our website for all of the courses or contact us by E-mail or phone (204-957-0061).


A place where acting is fun!

In our weekly sessions, the Children's Acting Center provides children and teens with small group experiences that foster their imaginations, spur their abilities to present, and develop the confidence that is so necessary for all young people in today's world!

For the past fourteen years, the Children's Acting Center team has prepared dozens of Winnipeg children and teens for auditions and roles in Winnipeg's burgeoning film industry.  As well, many of our young actors may not have followed through into the film and television industry but have had a terrific time, and the skills and attitudes they have developed will only benefit them as they move into other endeavors!

Check out our website for more information or contact Lois Brothers:
(204) 801-8318


We offer cutting edge industry audition techniques and strategies geared towards creating professional working actors.

Since ATM's inception in 2018, our training clients have booked roles on projects like Burden Of Truth, Tales From The Loop, Tribal, Stand!, A Christmas In Tennessee, The Christmas Club, Christmas At The Plaza, Fatal Friend Request, The First Encounter, The Secret Ingredient, Starlite Christmas and many more. This gives us, we believe, one of the best success rates in town. We offer a free coaching session to any new student. Come see for yourself why our clients do so well.


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