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What’s Shooting

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ProjectStart DateEnd DateDirectorCastingBackground Casting
The Elevator Game (Feature - Buffalo Gal)11/19/202112/16/2021Sam WalkerCarmen KotykTBA
Vandits (Feature - Hollywood Suite)11/12/202111/29/2021Stu StoneForrest & Forrest CastingTBA
Bed Rest (Feature - STX)11/08/202112/13/2021Lori Evans TaylorCarmen KotykTBA
Champions (Feature - Gold Circle)11/01/202112/20/2021Bobby FarrellyJim HeberTBA
'Tis the Season to be Merry! (MOW - Hallmark)10/18/202111/05/2021Gary YatesJim HeberMadLib Casting
Bring It On: Halloween (Feature - Universal)09/26/202110/22/2021Karen LamCarmen KotykMadLib Casting
Dark Harvest (Feature - MGM)08/30/202110/20/2021David SladeCarmen KotykNEXT! Casting
SkyMed (CBC/CBS/Paramount + TV series)08/30/202112/15/2021Steve AdelsonCarmen KotykMadLib Casting & Kari Casting
ProjectStart DateEnd DateDirectorCastingBackground Casting

Wrapped Productions

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ProjectStart DateDirectorCastingBackground Casting
Melaleuca (Feature - 4Head Films)09/20/2021Jeremy GuenetteCarmen Kotyk
A Kiss Before Christmas (MOW- Hallmark)09/17/2021Jeff BeesleyJim HeberNEXT! Casting
Polarized (CIPIP)09/15/2021Shamim SarifJim HeberMarianne Delveaux
Traffic Control (Feature)09/13/2021Oliver ThompsonCarmen KotykMadLib Casting
Harland Manor (Feature - digital)08/03/2021Steven R. MonroeJim Heber
Love Struck (MOW - Hallmark)07/26/2021Jeff BeesleyJim HeberNEXT! Casting
Time Cut (Feature)07/06/2021Hannah MacphersonCarmen KotykMadLib Casting
The Good Doctor (MOW - Lifetime)07/03/2021Annie BradleyJim HeberNEXT! Casting
First Person Shooter (Feature - digital)06/28/2021Steven MonroeJim HeberNEXT! Casting
7th Gen (Factual series - APTN)06/23/2021Rebecca GibsonInternalN/A
The Porter (CBC TV series)06/03/2021Charles Officer, R. T. ThorneCarmen KotykKari Casting
Missing and Alone (MOW - Lifetime)05/31/2021Shelagh CarterCarmen KotykMadLib Casting
Finality of Dusk (Feature)04/27/2021Madison ThomasInternalInternal
Crashing Through the Snow (MOW - Hallmark)04/19/2021R.C. NeweyCarmen KotykNEXT! Casting
Intersection (Feature - AIP)04/17/2021Cecilia AranedaCarmen KotykLucy Pavez
DJ Burnt Bannock (web series)03/22/2021Rebecca GibsonShelly Anthis
Bently Bike (PILOT)03/15/2021Joshua HoodJim Heber
Snowkissed (MOW - Hallmark)11/23/2020Jeff BeesleyJim HeberNEXT! Casting
Love in the Alps (MOW - Hallmark)11/23/2020Steven MonroeCarmen KotykMadLib Casting
Esther (Feature)11/02/2020William Brent BellCarmen KotykNEXT! Casting
Project Christmas Wish (MOW - Hallmark)10/19/2020Jeff BeesleyCarmen KotykMadLib Casting
Christmas By Starlight (MOW - Hallmark)09/30/2020Gary YatesJim HeberNEXT! Casting
Bitter Harvest (MOW - Lifetime)09/23/2020Shamim SarifCarmen KotykMadLib Casting
Jessie's Boy (Feature)09/14/2020Brad AndersonJim HeberKari Casting
Burden of Truth (CBC TV series)08/31/2020VariousCarmen KotykKari Casting
ProjectStart DateDirectorCastingBackground Casting