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ACTRA Manitoba is a union and an affiliate of the Winnipeg Labour Council. As such, we actively lobby for our industry and our members. Find news and information here.

If you would like to become involved in the union’s political activities, please contact Kevin Longfield at

February 25, 2017

Call for nominations
The coming AGM is what we call an election year. That means we have to elect a new slate of Councillors. Two of us, Shannon Jacques and I, are facing term limits so we need at least two new faces: what about you?
We meet approximately once a month for about two hours, and we usually order in sandwiches or other light refreshments. At these meetings we conduct the business of the Branch: setting and monitoring the budget, making policy decisions where needed, planning and organizing training opportunities,  planning and organizing events such as the Awards Night and the MIP showcase.
We also keep an eye out for issues that might affect the industry in general, which includes representing ACTRA in the Winnipeg and Manitoba Labour Councils, lobbying elected officials, and attending consultations. It might sound like a lot, and it is, but we have been lucky to have had a talented and dedicated Council.
If you are interested in becoming more involved with your union and the affairs of acting in the film industry, or know someone who would be a perfect fit, contact me:
Kevin Longfield
Land line: 204 489-2236
Text: 204 296-1906

October  1, 2016

Labour day a work of love and education.

This year’s Labour Day parade and picnic was one of the best I can remember: great weather, good overall turnout, and a happy, supportive mood.

ACTRA’s participation was a little smaller than last year’s, with some of our stalwarts out of town, and others perhaps deciding to take that one last trip to the lake, or even better, being on set. Other unions picked up the slack, and I particularly enjoyed the opportunity to chat with our brothers and sisters in IATSE. If you are one of those who came out to support the labour movement, thank you. Events like these reinforce the standing of the labour movement in the halls of power, and for the next four years, I suspect that we will need all the reinforcement we can get. (“We” meaning the labour movement in general; so far it seems that the film and television industries are on the sunny side of the government gaze.)

The parade wound from Memorial Park to Central Park, where a huge crown gathered to enjoy a picnic. The food line-up was enormous, so I was very happy when Tyndall Park MLA Ted Marcelino bought ice cream for all the ACTRA members present. The vendor told me later that he had opposed Marcelino in the previous election as the Manitoba Party representative. The picnic was a happy community event, with live entertainment and lots of activities for the children.

Next year I hope that we will have a higher turnout from our membership. The labour movement is important, and has been one of the strongest forces for improvement of our lives. I realized just how important this movement is when I asked a younger member to carry a sign supporting the CPP, and he asked what the CPP is. Labour Day is a fun, non-threatening way of getting our message out. The more of us who participate, the stronger that message is.

Kevin Longfield, Political action committee.


(From Left: Kevin Longfeild, Gord Tanner, Nazariy Demkowicz, Megan McArton, Jim Kirby, Dale Stanley, Jim Bell. Photo Credits: Alan Wong)

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September 1, 2016

Come join us for a party on Labour day

On Monday, September 5, ACTRA will be taking part in the annual Winnipeg Labour Council march and BBQ. Come and join other members of Winnipeg’s labour community for a march from Memorial Park to Central Park, followed by a BBQ and other festivities, including Red Moon Road.

The march starts at 1:30, but if walking isn’t your thing, come to Central park At 2:30 for the barbecue. Look for the ACTRA banner to spend some time with your fellow performers. Last year we had a great turnout, and I’d like to see even more of us take the opportunity to socialize and use our presence to emphasize the importance of unions to our daily lives.

-Kevin Longfield



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